MTK Chipset vs. SiRFstarIII Chipset
I found this in my research today into a new receiver...


Maybe useful to some of us.
Marvin Hlavac
I think if I were in the market for a new GPS receiver today, it wouldn't matter to me if the chip is SiRFstarIII, or MTK. The tracking sensitivity of the chips is almost identical (1 dB difference). I know from reading in your other post, you are not too happy with your Deluo NavStick. I don't think it's the SiRFstarIII chipset's fault, though. It's likely due to the smallish size of the unit - the antenna inside the Deluo NavStick must be much smaller than antennas in larger GPS receivers. A larger antenna will deliver stronger signal to the chip .

Perhaps before you buy another GPS receiver, try to use your Deluo NavStick with a USB extension cable. Place it closer to window of your van. It may work much better that way, as opposed to when plugged in directly into your laptop. It may not have good view of the sky in all directions in your current setup.
There is a picture in one of my albums showing it on the dash. It sits right up near the windshield.

I had just been reading about refresh rates etc. seeing the difference. It sounds like the MTK with a very high refresh rate (10hz) would work very well for mobile GPS.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, it would. I used Garmin Mobile PC with a 5 Hz GPS receiver, and the map movement was noticeably smoother in comparison to 1 Hz.

The location of the Deluo NavStick is no too bad, but if you have a USB extension cable, you may want to try to place the unit a bit further away from the laptop. The screen blocks half of the sky , so you may notice improvement .
It actually came with a USB extension cable but I didn't notice much of a difference.

I guess it's either I find a way to use a USB splitter? or buy a bluetooth.

If I end up buying a BU-353 I'll want to stick it on the roof just outside driver's window then.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, roof is the best location, especially if you use it for business, and you are on the road all the time. In my experience the type of GPS receiver matters much less than the location of the receiver.

Location, location, location!
What I'm wanting to do then is be able to plug a USB receiver and my cell phone via USB in that port, is that an option? some kind of splitter maybe?
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, ask for a USB hub in your local computer store. USB hubs sell for around $15 and up.
This may have been already answered and problem solved, but for anyone who may have similiar questions and dilemna's, I have come to find this out.

Since joining this forum a week or so back, I have done a lot of due diligence and much info gathering. This forum is a wealth of info, by the way! Thank you all.
  • If placing a gps receiver on the roof, make sure it is weather proof. A reciever utilizing a usb extension cable may not be the best thing.
  • I also confirm Marvin's comment that most of the better receivers will have a good fix on location. From other forums and asking other users of gps & navigation software, they all say no problem with unit, like GlobalSat, DeLorme Lt 40 (it has been upgraded with new chipset) and if you can find a quicker "Refresh Rate" the lock and follow will be so much more seamless. No choppy-ness.
  • Final thing: re: usb hubs. It would be good/better if you got a hub that can be auxilliary powered! once you start plugging in more than one thing into your computer/laptop, you are draining the ability for maximum power usage. one usb slot will not power those items, including the hub. you might be able to if your hub is powered with a "Y" style cable using two usb slots.
Just suggestions and some things I've come to learn since researching prior to making my choice of which software to purchase and which reciever.
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