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Enhance the GPS Trail Feature in Streets & Trips
Given that a GPS reading is taken every second and the location data is affixed to the intinerary file, why not also include the time of the GPS fix?

Also, why not be able to compute data from the GPS trail such as point-to-point time and distance and average speed? To a limited extent, you can compute speed now by using the measuring tool to compute a distance along a trace and then count the ticks to calculate the speed.
Marvin Hlavac
Perhaps the new ability to export GPX file can help you do what you want. Here's http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2380-review-microsoft-streets-trips#2010
At the risk of answering my own question, I would like to point out that time data for a GPS trail is available if you export the GPX file and open that file in Excel.

All the trail data points are reflected in the GPX trail with lat/long coordinates at approximate times. I say "approximate" because I find that S&T uses the same exact date/time string for sometimes several data points in a row even though a new reading has been taken every second (1 Hz).
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