Importing Addresses from Excel to Existing Pushpins in Streets & Trips
I know that Excel imports, and places new pushpins to Streets and Trips, but how about a way to import to already existing pushpins?

Marvin, do you think that guy that created the pushpin conversion program for 2009 would spend any time creating a program that would allow importing to existing pushpins?

I have about 6,000 pushpins on my map, and I usually inspect 500 of these same places every month. Many are Route and Box number type address that I have placed in the exact location using my GPS.

I now spend hours and days, planning out my route, copy and pasting into the find box, and then clicking on the Place/Data tab, hitting find again, to locate my previously placed pushpin. I can go right to it that way, but I have to do them one by one. If I was able to import to my existing pushpins... I would even pay for someone to create a program or a way to do that.
Marvin Hlavac
One way to do it would be to keep your database of locations in an Excel (or some other importable) file. It will be easy for you to manage and update an Excel file. You will also be able to import from that file into Streets & Trips anytime you need.

Perhaps you could achieve something more programmatically in Microsoft MapPoint (a program 10 times more expensive than Microsoft Streets and Trips).
A little more detail on this answer please.

I already have these pushpins by address on an Excel sheet. The problem is that when they are imported, MSST will look to it's own data base, instead the already existing pushpins. It will create a new pushpin instead of just marking the one I already have on the map. Am I misunderstanding you on this? You're getting my hopes up. Please explain more on how to do this.
Marvin Hlavac
When ever you need to update your Streets & Trips with new pushpins, you could open a new map file (without any pushpins), and then import all your database from your Excel file. Would this work for you?
Oh...no, that won't work. Because then, MSST would not have any pushpins at all to match to when looking for Route and Box number addresses. And I don't want MSST to locate pushpins where IT thinks they are, when I have already located and moved the pushpin to the exact location, even to which side of the street it's on.
Brad Smith
I am trying to do a similar thing - pull a list of already existing pushpin names from another source such as XL. I came up with two methods but they are both somewhat cumbersome.

Both methods start with exporting your pushpin data with GPS coordinates to preserve your fine tuning. This data will be imported back into MSST either in groups or on an as needed basis. I use a program called POIConverter to export my MSST data. Once your info is exported into XL there are two methods that may work for you - again both are cumbersome. Download POI Converter from Richard Davies http://rjdavies.users.btopenworld.com/html/poiconverter.html

Method A) If your groups are fixed and do not change then import them into MSST into separate Data Sets. You can then right-click a Data Set and then click 'add pushpins as stops'. All the pushpins for that Data Set will be added to the route planner. I think the route planner default order is the order of your original import source. If this is important first sort your data before importing. If you use the optimize stops tool then it does not matter.

Once a data set is created via the import wizard MSST will allow certain edits. Pushpins can be swapped between imported Data Sets. Pushpins for manually created Data Sets are more temperamental. They seem to have more restrictions but do allow some swapping between them. In no case can you add a manually created Pushpin to an imported Data Set. One advantage of separate Data Sets is you can choose different icons for the pushpin if desired.

Method B) If your groups change then you need to keep all your pushpin data in XL with LatLon data. Filter your records in XL then import them into MSST as needed. Add a column in XL to act as your filter and of course don’t import the data in that 'filter' column. Again, you can then right-click a Data Set and then select 'add pushpins as stops'.

When you import these pushpins back into MSST and plot by LatLon data, the address info will not display in written directions. Manually positioned pushpins commonly only include the street name in written directions. If you need the complete address info to appear in your written directions, format your data in XL so the pushpin name includes the address info - all this info in one field. We use project numbers so an example for project 0123 is '0123 [ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP]'. I convert the address info to ALL CAPS so it stands out a bit and is easier to read (while driving). I keep the address info within the brackets to visibly separate it from the project number so it’s easier to read in directions and in the route planner.

Importing Pushpin data into MSST using LatLon data is crazy fast compared to street address matching. I hope this helps you. BTW, I am using MSST 2008.

> I like to be able to copy a set of already existing pushpin names from XL and paste them into the route planner window. All at one time not one stop at a time.
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