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Provide file linking capabilities in Streets & Trips
It would be nice if you could create hyper-links in S&T on both the map and in the Directions panel. In a way, it is odd that it is not already part of the package as MSFT certainly uses the methodology in its other products such as Office and Money. For instance, you can link a file of any sort in any folder on the computer to a payment line in MSFT Money. This is useful for attaching pdf files of receipts, for instance, that are associated with a particular payment.

Imagine if you could link a hotel reservation pdf file to a stop on your intinerary. Just by clicking on an icon (such as a paperclip) in the directions or on a pushpin or similar on-map icon you open an image of the reservation. Perhaps the best way of doing this would be in the text area of a pushpin. Right now, you can link to a website by putting the URL into the pushpin text area but, of course, you need to be on line.

Also, it would be nice to link into photographs you have taken. In this way, a completed trip est file can serve as the framework for viewing your photos. Or scanned images of documents collected along the way.

And non-recreational users could use this facility to plan their days. By this, I mean that someone who has to make a series of stops over the course of a day could have a scanned document file of the paperwork associated with each stop that would be linked to each stop. Then the user would just click on the stop to pop up the respective documentation as he or she goes through the day.
Marvin Hlavac
Such functionality actually may already be in Streets and Trips. Read more about it in the Tips & Tricks for Streets & Trips, tip # 005 titled Pushpin links to files and folders
Thanks, Marvin; I had not seen that posting about that undocumented trick. It is an excellent work-around.

Nonetheless, I stick to my request. MSFT should do something a little more user-friendly than that, doncha think?
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